Turquoise Color Examples:

Here are a few examples of the different colors of Natural Turquoise:

Bisbee Turquoise Color Example

Typical Highgrade Bisbee Turquoise Color & Matrix

Blue Gem Turquoise Color Example

Typical Blue Gem Turquoise Color & Matrix

Carico Lake Turquoise Color Example

Typical Carico Lake Turquoise Color & Matrix

Blue Wind Turquoise Color Example

Highgrade Blue Wind Spider Web Turquoise

Pilot Mountain Bould Turquoise

Pilot Mountain "Boulder" Turquoise Color & Matrix

Brown Tortoise Turquoise Color Example

Highgrade Brown Spider Web Tortoise Turquoise

Dry Creek Turquoise Example

Dry Creek Turquoise Red Spider Web Matrix

Damale Turquoise Color Example

Typical Damale Variscite - Turquoise Color & Matrix

Kingman Nugget Turquoise

Typical Kingman Arizona Turquoise Color & Matrix

Lookout Mountain Water Web Turquoise

Highgrade Lookout Mtn. Water Web turquoise

Manassa Turquoise - Green Turquoise

Typical Manassa Turquoise Color & Matrix

Morenci Turquoise Color Example

Typical Highgrade Morenci Turquoise Color

Mint Green Tortoise Turquoise

Typical Mint Green Tortoise Turquoise

Green Pilot Mountain Turquoise

Green to Blue Fade Pilot Mountain Turquoise

Highgrade Royston Turquoise

Highgrade Blue Royston Turquoise

Yellow Spiderweb Tortoise Turquoise

Highgrade Ivory/Yellow Tortoise Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Example

Sleeping Beauty Turq. Robin's Egg Blue

Yellow Damale Turquoise

Highgrade Ivory/Yellow Damale Turquoise

Stormy Mountain Turquoise

Typical Stormy Mtn. Turquoise Color & Matrix

Tibetan Turquoise

Typical Highgrade Tibetan Turquoise Color & Matrix

Turuqoise Mountain Turquoise example

Turquoise Mtn. Turquoise Highgrade Spiderweb

Villa Grove Turquoise Example

Highgrade Villa Grove Turquoise Color & Matrix

Fox Turquoise Color Example

Typical Fox Nevada Turquoise Color & Matrix

Number 8 Turquoise Example

Typical Number Eight Turquoise Color & Matrix

Ithaca Peak Turquoise Example

Pyrite in Ithaca Peak Turquoise from Arizona

These are just an example and are a brief selection of the vast variety of matrix pattern and color spectrum of turquoise.

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