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About Boulder Turquoise

Boulder Turquoise or Ribbon Turquoise is one of the newest fads in Turquoise Jewelry. Ribbon or Boulder Turquoise is what we call stones cut with the vein of Turquoise flowing through the host rock. The most common type of Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise is Blue Turquoise in a marbled Brown Limonite host rock. This gives the look of a river flowing through a desert or landscape.

Boulder Turquoise Rough

High-quality Boulder Turquoise stones are hard to come by and add a unique piece to anyone's turquoise jewelry collection. Boulder Turquoise is often called Ribbon Turquoise. The most famous of this Turquoise comes from the Royston and Pilot Mountain Turquoise mines in Nevada, although Boulder Turquoise does technically come from all Turquoise mines. Not all mines produce pretty boulder or ribbon Turquoise. Unlike most other Turquoise types that are identified by their mine origins (e.g. Kingman Turquoise comes from the Kingman Mine), Boulder Turquoise is identified by the style of rare and distinctive turquoise veins that run through boulder stones. The reason Boulder Turquoise is sometimes called Ribbon Turquoise is because the turquoise is a "ribbon" that arcs through rich brown boulder stones. The uniqueness of the turquoise patterns that map through beautiful and varied brown boulder stones really gives Boulder Turquoise jewelry its own distinctive flair. We really love Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise as it shows the consumer what Turquoise is really mined like.

Boulder Turquoise Jewelry

Boulder Turquoise Jewelry

We are partners in a few mines that produce the Highest Quality Boulder Turquoise in the world. We feature Boulder Turquoise Jewelry with Pilot Mountian Boulder Turquoise and Royston Boulder Turquoise Cabochons. We also inlay many different styles of jewelry with Ribbon or Boulder Turquoise. We have cut many kinds of Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise in the past from many different mines including the Tortoise Turquoise mine, the Bisbee Turquoise mine, the Haley's Comet Turquoise mine and more!

Ribbon Turquoise Jewelry

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